Isabel Cabanillas, S.A.

Talking about the history of a company often is something boring and there is not even relevant information. But after thinking a lot of who we are,, we think that in our case it is necessary to explain our history, so that you can understand our present.

We promise to be brief….

Our origin dates back to 1968, when Jaime Castellví created the company in which even today continues to be at the head of it. He was not a strange man to the silver that wanted to try his luck in this sector. On the contrary, he was a man who dominated the chisel and the hammer. Whose creations were based on good taste.

But being a man with a restless character, he explored how technology could help him to optimize the processes. And as a result, today Isabel Cabanillas is a company with a modern infrastructure, which manufactures articles of great quality at a competitive price and has presence all over the world.

But the original values, the delicacy and the love for the profession, they still remain.

In each design, we offer our costumer a unique creation. And each time that someone receives one of our frames, jewelry boxes or plates knows that the thing it haves between its hand is a craft piece.

Fabricantes de joyería en plata y artículos de decoración


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