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Product information:

This item is manufactured in Sterling Silver 925/000 and noble wood from mango root. The finished product contains first quality materials and all its components have been selected to guarantee you with the maximum quality.

Thinking of your comfort we have incorporated a lacquering system to prevent silver tarnish in order to avoid concerns on maintenance and constant cleaning.

Another main feature is that native wood involves a totally handcrafted and manual work. The wood may show small imperfections result of its nature and craftsmanship.

Tips on use and maintenance :

Cleaning: Simply use a soft dry cloth. Do NOT use solvents, alcohols, abrasives or any liquids for cleaning.

Do not expose over a long period of time to heat or direct halogen light since they may produce irreversible changes in the colour.

It is an interior product and we advise you not to expose it outside to long periods of time since climate changes may cause premature deterioration.

Do not manipulate the item to avoid bumps and scratches.

Ref: 022161 - Wood photo frame
Size: 13x18 cm / 5 x 7 inch. Material: Wood and silver.
Ref: 022162 - Protection wood photo frame
Size: 15x20 cm / 6 x 8 inch. Material: Wood and silver.
Material No silver nor gold

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