Product information:

This item is manufactured in Sterling Silver 925. The finished product contains first quality materials and all its components have been selected to guarantee you with the maximum quality.

Thinking of your comfort we have incorporated a lacquering system to prevent silver tarnish in order to avoid concerns on maintenance and constant cleaning.


Tips on use and maintenance:

Cleaning: Simply use a soft dry cloth. Do NOT use solvents, alcohols, abrasives or any liquids for cleaning.

Do not expose over a long period of time to heat or direct halogen light since they may produce irreversible changes in the colour.

It is an interior product and we advise you not to expose it outside to long periods of time since climate changes may cause premature deterioration.


Clockwork Warranty

We guarantee the proper functioning of the clockwork for the period of two years as from the date of delivery, under Act 23/2003 of July 10 on sale warranty, provided that the lack of conformity is not due to accidents, manipulation or abusive mishandling, modification or unauthorized repairs or the use and normal wear of the clock.

The warranty does not apply to expendable materials such as batteries, etc., and does not include purchases that have not been made by an authorized dealer of the brand.

The buyer, owner of the warranty, can choose, in the event of disagreement, between demanding the repair or replacement of the clock purchased by another piece of identical features within a reasonable period of time and free of charge.

If the repair or replacement does not remedy the defects or lack of conformity, the buyer can claim the right to the replacement of the clock by another one of equal features or its replacement.

When the buyer cannot claim the repair or replacement of the acquired clock and in the cases when these were not done within a reasonable period of time or without major inconveniences or the remedies were not achieved, the buyer can claim a reduction of the price or the resolution, under the terms of the articles 7 and 8 of the mentioned Act.

The action to exercise the rights granted to the owner of the warranty expires in three years from the delivery of the goods.

The repair or replacement suspends the warranty and prescription deadlines whilst it lasts or this occurs.

For the exercise of actions covered by this warranty, the owner will submit the original warranty certificate duly filled in and stamped with the date together with the sales receipt or invoice (or delivery note if this is dated later).

Photocopies of these documents or those which have suffered alterations or modifications are not allowed.

Excluded from this warranty are the sales by non-authorized dealers of the brand.

The present warranty will be applicable to all European Union member states.


Other points of interest:

Our factory since some time ago applies a lacquering system to prevent silver tarnish and this evolved with the idea to avoid concerns on maintenance and constant cleaning.

The main inconvenience of the lacquering process is that any scratch or bump on the surface of the silver caused by an involuntary action, means that air will also enter and this noble metal will oxidize.

The subsequent application of the lacquering process would be impossible bearing in mind the high temperature of the system and considering it has other components that would not resist the process.

Ref: 230001 - Cathedral pendulum clock
Size: 27,5x18 cm / 10.8 x 7 inch. Material: Silver.

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